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This is due to my original FB account being disabled by Facebook in September right after my very last video where I spoke live about the pandemic and told my opinion on the mainstream narrative. Without any explanation or warning, they just disabled my account.

I appealed and tried to get my account back but the fact checkers are so powerful that they can easily cancel anyone anytime they want and suppress anybody’s free speech because of the supposed “fake news” label. Unfortunately, I lost all my live videos except for 3 video interviews that I was able to upload on Youtube. I also lost all the pictures uploaded in my original account - pictures from 2007 when I started posting on FB of my life — thousands of pictures and countless musings and articles. I actuallyplanned to download them before the disabling happened; in fact, I already requested for my data to be downloaded the day prior the disabling of my account. I no longer have copies of those pictures because my computer hard drive was corrupted. Sadly, a lot of my children’s pictures when they were young — all the pictures we had since they were small until our photos of 2019 were in that disabled FB account. That’s 12 years of memories down the drain just because of Facebook fact-checker’s bias.

Since then, I tried to get my account back by writing to Facebook repeatedly and appealed my case but they all fell on deaf ears. I don’t know what part of my podcast triggered them to cancel me and my voice. Maybe I was hitting a nerve. Maybe my voice was becoming louder when people started following my page. Maybe because they wanted to control the narrative like what is happening right now and because I speak the truth that’s why my voices was silenced.

I laid low after two succeeding FB accounts got disabled one by one in a span of 3 months. In fact, the new account I use now is still under restrictions because I wrote an open letter to our President asking him to start listening to small voices of reason, like mine and see what the big tech was doing to us. I mentioned the false narrative that the mainstream media was propagating about the “pandemic” and suppressing info on its cure. Again, FB silenced me by deleting the letter, restricting the account and threatening to cancel me once more unless I shut up.

I wonder, what are they afraid of? Was I becoming a threat? Are they afraid to hear my truth?

They said I was posting fake news but the links I shared came from vetted sources, professionals in their field, well-known doctors and even from mainstream outlets. Just the pure mention of a covid cure like HCQ was enough to merit a suspension. I found solace in Twitter and vented there but got suspended again just for questioning BIG TECH’s censorship. I was so stressed out that my body got bombarded with negative energies thus making me sick. And this is what I am going through right now.

I was depressed for a few months after the cancellation of my two accounts. I was angry, sad, frustrated and felt alone. I lost contacts with friends from all over. I had to find ways to reconnect but it was getting frustrating and tedious to look for them one by one. Because of the stress, late night’s binge watching Netflix, constantly sad, frustrated, and having unhealthy eating habits, my body got weak, acidic, and my immune system went haywire, hence, bacteria invaded my gut and the diverticulitis that I suffered from in 2016 got triggered.

It was right after the holiday season that I experienced internal bleeding. I woke up one day and saw lots of blood on my stool. This got me hospitalized for 5 days. I was heavily treated with antibiotics and given transfusion of 2 bags of blood. I was weak, sad, disenfranchised. I became more depressed, melancholic and lost a lot of weight.

However, true to my nature and my ability to bounce back after a major challenge, in just a few weeks’ time I got better. Decided to open a family home business to occupy my mind and my time. I was raring to go back to my old confident self, full of energy and hope. Four months came and went but I also went back to the old habits. I was again heavily invested in the fight against the medical tyranny . I joined different organizations of doctors and concerned citizens. I was very vocal about my disgust and frustration at our government and the different agencies that are keeping us locked down, thus hurting our economy and hurting our children in the guise of health safety. My heart and my gut took another beating from the negative energies I constantly fed it with. I was once again on the verge of exhaustion, my worries, frustrations grew more each day and getting pissed at the government and the corrupt leaders that unwittingly wreck our nation.

Eventually, one day in early April, I started bleeding again, this time more profusely. As expected, I got hospitalized for eight days. My hemoglobin went down to 6. I was sedated and given transfusion of 5 bags of blood this time. But I did not have covid — thank God! It was a scary, mind altering experience. I honestly thought I was going to die. The experience brought out anxieties and panic attacks that I’ve never experienced before.

Truthfully. I was so scared and I was constantly crying. I asked God: “why me, what did I do to deserve this illness? Was it wrong to be vocal and be passionate in exposing the evil in this world?”

In the end, I decided to let go and let God take over. I loudly expressed to the heavens that I’m ready to leave this reality, this dense 3D earth, this pernicious life, filled with lockdowns and masking and social distancing. Honestly, I was no longer afraid of dying because I learned to let go. I was ready. I was only afraid of what my death will bring to my kids, my husband and the people who love me. I worry about the utter sadness they would feel, the lost and hopelessness I would leave in their hearts. I knew it would devastate them and I felt guilty.

But alas, God has more plans for me! I believe I needed to finish what I’ve started but minus the negative energies that threatened my life. So, I’m here, starting all over again. Looking forward to that moment when I can finally say — I am back stronger, healthier, braver! For now, I’ll take baby steps. My vibration and frequency comes first. Because with the higher vibration comes better health, better state of being. I will no longer allow all that nonsense affect my vibration. I needed authentic energy healing.

Foster Gamble of Thrive II said:

“A major turning point in my life was when I stopped being afraid of dying. I used to think that I was my body. But as I look deeper, my body is made up of trillions of cells, and if I look even deeper and closer, my body is made up of trillions of atoms, and what are atoms made up of? Nothing. They’re just whirlpools in a sea of energy. And those aren’t things at all.”

That was profound. And so, keeping in mind that I am a vibrational energetic being, I will look for a vibrational match in my daily life. If I feel that something is no longer allowing me to vibrate high in the frequency of love, I will let it go. It is a daily struggle, YES! After all, this 3D earth has so much dense energy that it is sometimes excruciatingly difficult to pry myself away from all the negativities. But then, I knew I have a choice. I always have a choice.




I believe I am a multidimensional being, trying to make sense of this strange, dense, 3D world. A multipotentialite. Truth seeker. I question everything.

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High Vibe

High Vibe

I believe I am a multidimensional being, trying to make sense of this strange, dense, 3D world. A multipotentialite. Truth seeker. I question everything.

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